Learning in Depth in everyday practice


The recently developed Learning in Depth program will be described in some detail, outlining both its brief history (in which it has developed from two classrooms in British Columbia, Canada to hundreds of classrooms in more than twenty countries) and also its structure, and how it might be implemented in any classroom or school. There will be an exploration of how it can be used in helping students to learn detailed knowledge about the natural world. Steps to implementing the program in everyday practice will be described.


Kieran Egan, Simon Fraser University (Canada)


Kieran Egan is a professor of education at Simon Fraser University in British Columbia, Canada (http://www.educ.sfu.ca/kegan/). His work deals both with innovative educational theory and detailed practical methods whereby implications of the theory can be applied at the classroom level. He has published more than twenty books, with about forty translations into twenty languages.  His books include The Educated Mind: How cognitive tools shape our understanding (San Francisco: Jossey-Bass, 2005), and Learning in Depth: A simple innovation that can transform schooling (university of Chicago Press, 2010). He is a director of the Imaginative Education Research Group (http://www.ierg.net).